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Friday, May 13, 2005


Sprint prods town to identify cell tower sites

Representatives of Sprint PCS met with the Board of Selectmen on May 10 to restate their case for town wireless coverage. "The wireless issue has been out there for a long time," said Sprint lawyer Brian Lamoureux. "We're here to reinitiate dialog." He noted that they had first approached the town in 1999 for sites on town-owned land where cell towers could be placed, and now six years later there is still no action being taken.

Lamoureux and Sprint representatives Warren Kelleher and Keith Vellante, drove around town prior to the meeting and identified five possible locations for a cell tower. Top preference is the school site, which would need an 80-foot tower to meet their needs. Next in priority is the Town Hall (120 feet), fire station (135 feet), police station (135 feet) and least desirable is the DPW site (190 feet). Sprint is willing to erect a monopole and would be able to fit two carriers on one pole. Additional carriers would require a second pole, mainly because the cabling would no longer fit inside a flagpole-sized diameter.

Subtle threats

"First, you will need to fix your bylaws," said Lamoureux, referring to the onerous requirement for a 900-foot setback from homes. He offered to help with a Request for Proposal draft as soon as the town is ready to act. Several times during the discussion, Lamoureux ominously mentioned litigation as a last resort if the town continues to drag its feet. Chair Tim Hult asked Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie to set up a meeting with the School Committee and Planning Board to begin formulating a plan of action.

In March 2004 the United States District Court, in settling a number of lawsuits, granted AT&T Wireless the right to construct a 189-foot cell tower on the Anderegg property at 871 Bedford Road. No construction has yet begun.

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