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Friday, April 29, 2005


The Greek Revival-style farmstead and barn on the corner of South and Concord Streets still stands. Obviously, it would have been an easier, faster, and less expensive job to tear down the old property and start anew. However, the property caught the eye of the This Old House team looking for a house to feature in the program's 25th anniversary season ...more

The calendar says that spring begins with the spring equinox. Sometimes it feels like spring begins with daylight savings, or on the first day that the temperature climbs to fifty degrees. For me, spring began this year on March 31. That was the first day that all the snow — save for a few maverick piles here and there — had melted off the roads, ...more

It was still dark on the morning of February 17, 1944, when Japanese radar detected the approach of a large group of airplanes. Those airplanes signaled the commencement of Operation Hailstone, an air assault of unprecedented firepower against the formidable Japanese naval outpost of Truk Lagoon. ...more

Comics fans are invited to meet and hear from Darby Conley, creator of the wildly popular comic strip "Get Fuzzy," who will be a guest at the annual meeting of Carlisle Communications, Inc on Thursday, May 12. Conley, who was born in Concord, spent his preschool years in Carlisle before moving away to Tennessee, where he grew up. He returned to Massachusetts ...more

The porcupine is the first critter to make a second appearance in the Biodiversity Corner. It is not that new species are hard to find — there are thousands of unique species in Carlisle and so far we have covered only 130 — it is that when I first wrote up the porcupine we did not have a sighting, at least not by a human. A Carlisle dog had an ...more

"Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep!" ...more

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