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Friday, April 29, 2005


Shorts from the Regional School Committee, April 12

Building costs rising. Regional School Committee member Betsy Bilodeau talked about the cost of waiting to build a school. She produced a chart showing the cost of building a new Willard School in 2006 for $25.4 million. "If we wait five years to build that school, the projected cost is $35.3M. The increase is due to construction inflation and increased costs in space, heating and septic," said Bilodeau. The same is true for building a new high school. Bilodeau said, "There are fewer dollars for school building from the state. The least amount for reimbursement is 31-40% if you're on the list. It's hard to get on the list for reimbursement. We need to put pressure on our legislator." Michael Fitzgerald said, "That from an economic standpoint, it doesn't make sense to pay for patchwork when you're only going to tear it down. We have to be honest with people where the reimbursement is or is not." He hoped people will dig deep in their pockets as they have before for education.

Grants from the Concord Education Foundation. The Concord Education Foundation is funding 15 of the 20 grant applications they received from teachers and administrators at all levels of the system for a total of $136,715. Roughly $27,000 will be used for grants at CCHS. A large grant will be given to the CCHS Science Department to purchase four G4 laptop computers and four LP540 Infocus Multi-Media Projectors. Another large grant will go to Chuck Brown, the Choral and Drama Director, to update the sound and media equipment in the CCHS Auditorium.

One grant is for the stipend of a SOS (Supportive Older Students) Program Supervisor. This after-school program has high school students mentoring elementary school students. Another grant is for CCHS students in the Alternative Program, where CEF will supply funds necessary to build a canoe. A separate grant will fund the purchase of royalty free music to be used in media production. Lastly and most colorfully, a grant will purchase a Louis XIV costume for CCHS World Program teacher Benjamin Kendall. Fitzgerald said, "The gifts are accepted with gratitude."

Recognition. Dulong had praise for teacher Sandra Haupt, who has been accepted at the National Endowment of the Humanities Summer Institute. The course, "Archaeology of Jordan and its Western Neighbors" will be given at Harvard University. Haupt has taken graduate-level courses in science, engineering and physics. She is a geophysicist and is presently teaching math at CCHS.

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