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Friday, April 29, 2005


Shorts from the Selectmen, April 26

East Street path. Selectman Deb Belanger reported that the East Street pedestrian bike path survey has been completed and funding is now needed to design a retaining wall in front of St. Irene church. David Ross Associates proposes to complete the design phase of the project by researching three retaining wall systems and providing the town with manufacture, unit cost, and installation information. The intent of their effort is to come up with a cross section of available retaining wall systems based on material cost and material aesthetics.

The Bike/Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee previously approved the expenditure of $1,500 to Ross Associates for the retaining wall design and the Board of Selectmen did likewise at their April 26 meeting with a vote of 5-0.

Davis Road acceptance. A sizable contingent of Davis Road residents attended a public hearing at the April 26 meeting of the Board of Selectmen to discuss the acceptance of their road as a public way. Article 23 of the Town Warrant asks the voters at the May 23 Town Meeting to lay out Davis Road (Pine Meadows subdivision) as a town way. Chair Tim Hult asked for any comments from the Selectmen and members of the audience. Hearing no opposition, Hult closed the public hearing and received a 5-0 vote from the board in favor of the Davis Road acceptance.

Transfer station sticker. Selectman Tony Allison has been troubled recently when he visits the transfer station by the lack of dump stickers on cars and trucks. "We ought to do something for the sake of fairness," he suggested. Some may be well-meaning town residents who haven't gotten around to purchasing the $15 sticker, but others may be out-of-towners who use the dumpsters illegally and raid the swap shop. Member Doug Stevenson agreed and called for the police to do random checks. A day-long surveillance last year turned up dozens of scofflaws, but Stevenson believes that random checks by the police during their normal rounds can be just as effective. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie will contact Police Chief Dave Galvin to discuss the crack down.

Resignations. The Board of Selectmen reluctantly accepted the resignation of Peter Chelton from the Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee, with gratitude for his service.

Next Meeting. The next meeting of the Board of Selectmen is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10, with a possible second meeting on May 17 before Annual Town Meeting.

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