The Carlisle Mosquito Online

Friday, April 29, 2005


Sketches of Carlisle:

(Drawing by Joan Allen)

Invisible inhabitants of the woods, they seem to be everywhere at night calling for a mate, over and over and over again.

As night approaches, their froggy cries draw our ears to wet areas where few ever go. Following the sound, looking for them, leads to mud and watery swamps where people turn away.

Hearing them is a phenomenon that those who grew up in less natural areas cannot recall from their childhood. Almost no one but a naturalist has ever actually seen one of the tiny animals.

To ignore them is to cut off from a primeval spring sound, as they have been here in the land for eons. From an open car window or the back yard, the night air sings,

"Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep!Peep !"

2005 The Carlisle Mosquito