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Friday, April 22, 2005


Board of Appeals asks to increase membership

The Board of Selectmen voted to reopen the Town Warrant at their April 19 meeting and add Article 25. Cindy Nock, Chair of the Carlisle Board of Appeals (BOA), along with BOA members Terry Herndon and Hal Sauer, requested that the board be allowed to increase the number of associate members from two to four.

Citing increased work load due to the number of 40B applications over the past few years, Nock stressed, "It is very important to have more members to draw on in order to have three members present at all hearings and able to vote on the Comprehensive Permits which are coming more frequently before the BOA." Article 25 asks that the town vote to amend the zoning bylaws by deleting the first sentence of Section 7.3.1 Board of Appeals, Appointment, and substituting the following therefor:

"There shall be a Board of Appeals composed of three (3) members and four (4) associate members who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen under the provisions of Chapter 40A of the General Laws, as amended."

Nock asked the Selectmen to request in writing that the Planning Board change the zoning law and that the Planning Board hold a public hearing on May 9, 2005, and issue a report prior to Town Meeting. A two-thirds vote is required at the May 23 Town Meeting for this zoning bylaw change to take effect.

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to (1) reopen the Warrant, (2) make the written request to the Planning Board, (3) insert Article 25, and (4) close the Warrant.

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