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Friday, April 22, 2005


Patrol looks for speeder, finds break-in man

At 2:30 last Saturday afternoon, April 16, Police Sergeant Leo Crowe was dispatched to find a relatively small fish, a four-wheeler reported speeding up and down Rutland Street. He did not locate the four-wheeler, but ended up catching a really big fish, John Saria of Billerica, who has a "lengthy, lengthy history" of car breaking and entering. Inspector Scott Barnes, who reported Saria's apprehension, lauded Crowe's performance and said that without Saria's arrest at this time we "would have been looking at multiple breaks all summer."

Crowe checks out canoe launch

Since the four-wheeler was not found in the immediate area, Crowe decided to check out the canoe launch parking area on North Road. There he saw a vehicle "parked in a suspicious manner near other vehicles." A white male walked out between two parked vehicles, entered the car Crowe thought was suspicious, and drove off. As Crowe turned to follow him, he noticed a broken window in a neighboring parked car.

Crowe stopped Saria near the canoe launch. A background check revealed that not only did Saria have an extensive criminal history, but he had been arrested in Carlisle twice before, in the same place and for the same offense.

Saria and companion arrested

Saria was accompanied by Denise Dausch of Lowell, who was also arrested. They were charged with breaking and entering a vehicle with intent to steal; possession of burglarious tools; possession of a Class A drug, heroin; possession of hypodermic needles and a syringe. Dausch was released on $1,000 cash bail and seen in court on April 19. Saria did not have an opportunity to meet his $2,500 bail, because the incident was a violation of his parole. Crowe contacted Saria's parole officer, who immediately revoked the parole. Saria was held at the Carlisle station until two Massachusetts Correctional Institution officers picked him up and transported him to MCI in Concord.

Barnes said Saria can expect up to five years for violating parole and additional time for the present breaking and entering offense.

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