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Friday, April 15, 2005


Garden Club proposes a "Central Park" next to Ferns

At a public hearing on April 12, Sabrina Perry of the Carlisle Garden Club presented plans to the Board of Selectmen for a "Central Park." The site is the six-tenths of an acre municipal park located next to the Ferns Country Store parking lot in the center of town. It will feature a lawn, flowering bushes and trees, and granite benches where folks can rest and enjoy the surroundings. Perry proudly announced that this will all come from private funds with no cost to the town, except for some wood chipping work from Gary Davis and his DPW crew.

Abutter Linda Myers-Tierney of Lowell Street was generally supportive of the project, but apprehensive about the close proximity to their house and the amount of activity such a park might produce. "My children's bedroom is a scant few feet from the park's boundary," she said. "Also, the Garden Club has done little maintenance of the site over the years and what assurance is there that they will do so now?" The fact that Ferns will soon be selling beer and wine and bikers will likely choose the nearby park for refreshment and relief did not add to her feeling of confidence.

Francene Amari-Faulkner of Bedford Road owns the field that abuts the back of the property and informed the group that an existing opening in the stone wall boundary will look inviting to park visitors. She asked that the opening be closed and possibly a sign erected to inform people of her private property. Selectman Tony Allison noted that there are no restroom facilities in the area and it might be wise to plan for some accommodations in the future. Perry took note of all grievances and said that they also plan to meet with the Historical Commission and Planning Board. The Selectmen voiced general approval of the plans and closed the public hearing with no vote taken.

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