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Friday, April 15, 2005


Shorts from the Planning Board, March 28 and April 9

40B development and classroom size. To help gauge future student population for middle-school classrooms and school space planning, members of the Carlisle School Committee requested information from the Planning Board regarding Carlisle 40B plans. The School Committee is starting meetings with a consultant on a master plan for the entire school system for five to ten years out. According to the School Committee attendees, the class size is currently "at max" and 40B housing will have a child-population effect that needs to be planned for. The School Committee wants to understand the housing plan per the 40B plan being developed by the Planning Board in order to tie in projections.

Carlisle water quality. Members of Carlisle Conservation Committee (ConsCom) attended the Planning Board meeting to initiate a discussion on Carlisle water quality. According to ConsCom, at issue are current zoning laws and the impact on water quality, wetlands and aquifers. The Planning Board suggested that the ConsCom research zoning bylaws in nearby towns, such as Westford, to continue exploring the impact of current development on water quality.

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