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Friday, April 15, 2005


Shorts from the Board of Appeals, April 7

372 Brook Street. John and Kathy Blinn of 372 Brook Street were before the board to request a five-foot variance for an addition to their home. The lot is non-conforming because their setback to Brook Street is only 35 feet and not the required 40 feet. The addition is away from the non-conforming section of their house, and it is a mere 256 feet, well within the requirement that limits additions to no more than 50% of the original house.The board voted unanimously to approve.

282 Brook Street. Frank and Deborah Jolis of 282 Brook Street were unsure if they needed to be before the board at all. Five years ago they applied for a special permit, to build on to their two-bedroom house, which was located on a non-conforming lot. Since they had already received a special permit, and had already begun the first phase of their construction, they were now changing their minds about the second phase of construction. Since this new plan would involve smaller square footage than what was first approved, the board decided that old permit was still valid.

Increasing membership. The BOA discussed the need to increase the number of full members on the board to five. Currently the board has three full members and two associate members. With a large 40B anticipated to be filed soon, they need the larger membership. Chair Cindy Nock said that the Selectman were aware of this. Also, the board should have an administrator, as it is no longer "a sleepy committee just handling garages."

Long serving member Hal Sauer's term is up in June, and he does not want to continue. In addition, Shann Korner said that her law practice is busy and attending meetings may be difficult.

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