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Friday, April 15, 2005


Selectmen tackle alcohol sale policy

The Board of Selectmen used an unusual Saturday morning meeting on April 2 to catch up on some paperwork — namely, a town alcoholic beverages policy.

While the alcoholic beverages policy is still a work in progress, some salient points have emerged. The sale of beer and wine must occur within the central business district or other business districts around town as defined by the zoning bylaws. Other districts are presently limited to One River Road, Kimball's Ice Cream Stand, and Carlisle Auto Body. Three types of licenses are presently envisioned: (1) On Premise, such as hotel or restaurant, (2) Special One Day for receptions, etc. and (3) Package Stores. Applicants must be citizens of the United States and persons responsible for the sale of beer and wine must complete a course in alcohol management. The Board of Selectmen will act as the local licensing authority and a rather complex application process will be required according to Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission "Blue Book" rules, as well as a town local licensing commission.

Members of the board made numerous modifications and additions to the first draft of the beverages policy and more information will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, along with an eventual town election vote. Two intents for application have already been received by the Selectmen as Carlisle takes one more step into the 21st century and says goodbye to Prohibition.

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