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Friday, April 15, 2005


RecCom seeks field on Banta-Davis

Recreation Commissioner Maureen Tarca points out the spot for a proposed ballfield on the Banta-Davis Land on Bedford Road. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)
The Carlisle Recreation Commission would like to build a new ballfield at the Banta-Davis Land on Bedford Road, Maureen Tarca, Recreation Commissioner, told the Carlisle School Committee at their April 6 meeting. Funds from the Community Preservation Act (CPA) have been committed to partially fund the project. "We're getting a huge push from other towns" to have more field space, she explained.

Although the town owns the Banta-Davis Land, Tarca explained, the original intent of the land purchase was to offer expansion to the cemetery, the school, and the DPW, which have a right of first refusal. She requested that the School Committee send a letter to the CPA Commissioner clarifying whether the school intends to use the Banta-Davis Land for a new school. "Is the CPA money a sure thing?" asked School Committee member Christy Barbee. "It's in the bank," responded School Committee Member Michael Fitzgerald.

If the CPA funds are used to build the ballfield, Tarca explained, that portion of the land will have a deed restriction and must only be used for the purpose for which it was developed. But the land may be needed someday for school expansion, Carlisle School Committee Chair Nicole Burkel said. Barbee pointed out the committee is asking the town to spend money on a school expansion study, and she felt it was "premature to write a letter until after the study," which won't be completed until 2006.

Tarca said she herself had concerns about having that portion of Banta-Davis Land put into a deed restriction. She said she would like a letter stating the committee would not give permission because of the permanent deed restriction. She would then request the funds from the town, instead of using the CPA funds. Burkel suggested they draft two letters, one that gives permission and one refusing permission, while they continue their discussions.

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