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Friday, April 15, 2005

Are we building accessible pathways?

To the Editor:

Today an incident has brought to life the need for more careful planning and watch on how we spend our town funds. A young lady in an electric wheelchair wanted to be able to take our brand new pathway down to Kimball's to purchase an ice cream. She was unable to do so because the size of the crushed stone on the surface of this pathway was too large and bumpy for her wheelchair, as well as the fact that the pathway has already washed away in two separate places.

As an abutter to this pathway I sat in on a couple of the planning meetings. We need to make sure what we build in town will last and hold up over time. If any of the allocations for this pathway did come from the fund for the American Disabilities Act as originally discussed in these meetings, it should accommodate people in wheelchairs with an appropriate surface.

Although the good intentions of all the volunteers and committee members went into planning this, we as a town need to learn that sometimes the least expensive way is not always the best way and does not always hold up over time.

Jane White
Bedford Road

Thanks to all who helped with the Trash Party

To the Editor:

What a wonderful day it was to hold the Trash Party!!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Carlisle Communications, Inc. and staff of the Carlisle Mosquito, thanks to all who participated in the annual Trash Party.

We had a great turnout. This included many Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and the residents of Carlisle. Rubbish was removed from most of the major roadsides, the school area and cemeteries. The town definitely looks clean and let us hope it stays this way.

I would like to thank Ferns Country Store for contributing the coffee for that morning, Lynn Carpenito for organizing the pick-up of filled trash bags, Ned Berube, Leslie Thomas, Mark and Sandy Spears, John Putnam and Vaughn Harring for driving their trucks and Gary Davis of the DPW.

With such busy lives, thanks again to all who volunteered on a wonderful sunny spring day for the benefit of everyone living here.

Abha Singhal
Kimball Road

Vote on Benfield Land use at Town Meeting

To the Editor:

On Saturday, the Benfield Task Force had its final community forum to discuss the placement of 26 units of affordable housing and one ball field on the Benfield land. Fewer than 40 people came to review the plans for the placement of conservation, housing and active recreational field on the 45-acre property. By noon half the attendees had left because there was no "new news."

The Task Force is charged with recommending to the Selectmen where 26 units and one recreational field should be situated on the property. One option (that has already been approved by Town Meeting and needs no further vote) is to site a ball field on South Street and housing nestled in the beautiful woods overlooking a magnificent piece of conservation land. The second option is to locate both the housing and the ball field together. Either option has potential and maintains buffer zones and takes abutter issues into consideration.

The town bought this property last year with three purposes in mind: conservation, housing, and active recreation. Twenty-six units and one ball field fit beautifully into this property. The need for affordable housing is here. Just read the Mosquito about the two 40B developments facing the town today. For every 13 units we build we can hold off unfriendly development. The town needs additional ball fields and this is an opportunity to build one of the 5 to 7 that are predicted to respond to Carlisle's growing demand for active recreational fields.

I urge all residents who recognize the need for affordable housing and active recreation to attend Town Meeting to support this project.

Maureen Tarca
Partridge Lane
Chair, Carlisle Recreation

Just say "Hi"

To the Editor:

Recently my daughter visited Kimball's for our first treat of the season. There were many middle school students, some with their parents. As my daughter and I waited for our large order to be filled, four of her classmates stood in line behind us. Much to my astonishment none of these girls even acknowledged our presence. In fact I turned around and looked directly at them and still nothing. Is common courtesy gone? What has happened to our children?

Mary Keeler
Clark's Farm Road

CC Phonathon raised $40,000 for scholarships

To the Editor:

The Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund expresses its gratitude to all who participated in and contributed to our recent phonathon to raise funds for college scholarships. As a result of the efforts of the many people involved, we were able to raise approximately $40,000 in pledges the day of the phonathon. This sum along with the contributions that have been made in response to our earlier town-wide mailings in Carlisle and Concord will enable us to assist more students than ever before as they pursue their post-secondary educations.

We are particularly indebted to the members of the National Honor Society at Concord-Carlisle High School who made the phone calls, to past and current members of the Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees who processed all of the pledges, and to the Fenn School which donated their facilities and phone lines for the event. We express our appreciation to the Carlisle Mosquito for helping to inform the community of our work and the need of so many students as they face growing costs of a college education. A special thank-you is extended to the many citizens of Carlisle and Concord who so generously responded to our request for funds this year.

If you were not contacted the day of the phonathon and would like to contribute, you may send your donation to the Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 217, Concord, MA 01 742. All gifts, large and small, are most welcome as we work to help bridge the financial gap for students as they enter college and during their years in college. Thank you, Carlisle and Concord, for caring and for helping!

Elaine DiCicco, Chair
Concord-Carlisle Scholarship Fund

Bike collection was a great success

To the Editor:

Thank you to everyone who generously donated bicycles on April 9th. With a grand total of over 80 bikes, the event was a great success. The bikes were of excellent quality with a wide variety ranging from old vintage road bikes to pink Malibu bikes with training wheels and ribbon. It was wonderful to see the community so full of exuberance and joy while donating to a benevolent cause.

Bikes Not Bombs is currently preparing the bicycles for shipment to community bike projects in Africa and Central America. Many bikes will also remain at the Bikes Not Bombs Roxbury Center to be used in youth Eam-A-Bike programs. Thanks again for your contributions and making this such a heartwarming experience.

For more information on Bikes Not Bombs you can visit their web site at:

Tess Guttadauro
Welles Mattson

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