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Friday, April 15, 2005


"This Old House" opens doors to Carlisle community

Last week 800 lucky tickets-holders visited the "This Old House" Carlisle project house on Concord Street. Tours occurred on Monday, April 11, and Thursday, April 14. All of the visitors asked by the Mosquito said the wait in line for tickets at Ferns on April 1 was well worth it. Some people were in line as early as 4:30 a.m. Tickets were gone by 7:15 a.m.

The rapidity with which the free tickets "sold out" inspired WGBH event manager Scot MacMillan to also hand-deliver letters to the mailboxes of about 25 neighbors to invite them to a morning tour of the property. He wanted to ensure that the people most affected by the increased traffic during the construction process were able to view the renovation. MacMillan clarified that the station will limit afternoon traffic during peak school bus hours whenever possible, at the request of the Carlisle Town Selectmen. However, he did note that Ticketmaster had already begun selling tickets before the request was made, so there would still be visitors to the site at the time.

The central portion of the renovated barn features a fireplace with a hearth created from a large stone unearthed on the property. The lightly whitewashed original beams are a distinctive feature throughout. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

What was your favorite room?

"I liked the living room [barn]. It was very unique. The fireplace was pretty spectacular. It looked like a Count Rumford design. I liked that section very much.

I thought the master suite was a bit on the modern side, but in view of the versatility of the way things were put together, the combination between the old and the new, I think that it fit quite well."

"The kitchen — it was bright and cheerful. I think the whole house was over-furnished, but they are trying to sell their wares."

"My favorite room is the main room with the big fireplace in the barn. I just liked the open feeling."

"The master bathroom — it's so spacious and roomy. It looks like a very comfortable room. Especially that shower. It's spectacular."


"The powder room here at the first floor. It was more traditional rather than really contemporary."

-Holly Salemy, Concord Street

"The guest bedroom in the loft area — it was more simply decorated and a more intimate space. It had a lot of light."

"I liked the large living room, the barn room. Mostly because it's an open space and you see the timbers. I just like seeing the wood. I like rooms like that."

"For a child's room, I really loved the purple bedroom upstairs. That was really lovely.

-Marjorie Paulson, Carlisle Pines Drive

"I would put that one down as the favorite."

-John Paulson, Carlisle Pines Drive

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