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Friday, April 8, 2005

Boston magazine picks Carlisle as one of "Best Places to Live"

Boston magazine, in its April 2005 issue, named Carlisle as one of the "Best Places to Live."

In Michael Blanding's article, "The Best Places to Live," which hit newsstands Tuesday, March 29, the author composed an exclusive list of the best places to live based on homebuyers' various criteria. Towns were selected based on statistics, and a series of interviews with homebuyers and real estate agents.

Carlisle was chosen as the best place to live for "The Quiet Seeker." Blanding says, "You won't find a single traffic light on the winding wooded streets of the MetroWest suburb of Carlisle." The Country Garden Tour, held every other year, is one of the town's biggest events and it "prides itself on its quiet atmosphere," adds Blanding. According to the article, this serene suburb is one of few in the area completely devoid of any apartment complexes, industrial parks, or even fast-food restaurants.

Berlin, Middleton and Southborough were among the runners-up for "The Quiet Seeker" category.

Carlisle was also chosen as runner-up for the best places to live for "The Weekend Warrior" and people "Married with Teenagers."

BRIDGE PLAYERS DONATE. The Eastern Massachusetts Bridge Association (EMBA) donates $1,550 to Oxfam America for relief from the tsunami disaster. Players at EMBA's Winter Sectional donated $1 each, and another $385 came from members' private contibutions. Shown here is Ephraim Freed (right) of Oxfam receiving the donation from Roy Green of Carlisle, EMBA president.

Gabrielle Savage Dockterman of Russell Street writes: I'm pleased to announce that my film, Missing In America (formerly Woodcutter), will be premiering at the Seattle International Film Festival this May, probably around Memorial Day, in keeping with the theme of the film. We hope to reunite as much of the cast and crew as possible, and make it a big media event. It's especially appropriate that we are premiering in Seattle, since the story is set in the woods of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, which has one of the highest populations of homeless veterans in the country.

Aaron Buzawa of Elizabeth Ridge Road, a criminal justice and economics major at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, was recently recognized at an awards ceremony held on campus. Buzawa is a graduating senior of the Honors Program at UML, and was honored by the provost for his academic achievement. In order to remain in good academic standing within the Honors Program, students must maintain an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher.

Jennifer Morin of Maple Street, a freshman "Rook" at Norwich University was elected to the Norwich University Corps of Cadets Honor Committee on March 29. Morin is one of 12 freshmen who will preside over the Sophomore Honor Committee for the 2005-2006 academic year. Morin is currently a member of the Corps of Cadets, as well as the United States Marine Corps ROTC department. She is seeking a commission as a Marine Corps Officer upon graduation in 2008.

Results of Carlisle Bicentennial Rubber Bridge Championship

On Monday, March 28, the Carlisle Bicentennial Committee held its first contract bridge event, a Rubber Bridge Championship, in the Sleeper Community room. Tweny-four players from Carlisle and surrounding communities participated in the event. The winner was Bill Clark of Carlisle Pines Drive with a score of 5310 points for the 24 hands of bridge. Joe Nicosia of Westford finished second. Clark and Nicosia were presented awards courtesy of Ferns Country Store. Third-place winners were Martin and Ellen Dickau of Bellows Hill Road in Carlisle. The event was directed by Roy Green of Carlisle, who also serves as President of the Eastern Massachusetts Bridge Association.

Two more bridge events are planned in May.

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