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Friday, April 8, 2005


Grease is coming to town:
Danny and Sandy

This year, the seventh-grade play will be Grease (school version), an entertaining musical about a super-cool, leather-jacket-clad, popular heartthrob named Danny (Zander Ansara) who has a summer romance with naïve, cute, everyone's best friend, girl-next-door Sandy (Caroline Materne). When the summer ends, they somehow end up in the same school! Will Danny be able to hold on to his tough, "greaser" reputation without losing his true love? How far will Sandy go for the boy she loves? See the play to find out.

The whole seventh grade has worked hard, but all have to agree that Caroline and Zander have been some of the hardest workers of the bunch - memorizing lines, learning choreography, and taking interviews. The play is really a team effort and would not be the same without every cast and crew member. Almost every seventh grader takes part, whether they choose to shine on stage or to paint props or control the spotlights. But having a lead, though perhaps not the most important job, is a very big one. So just what has this play meant to Caroline and Zander?

Both were extremely excited when they found out that they were the new Sandy and Danny. Caroline says that her mother was even more thrilled about the part than she was. Perhaps this is because Sandy and Caroline are so similar. Caroline says that a lot of girls can relate to Sandy because, "she's nice, kind, and friendly." However, Caroline doesn't like how she changes in the end for Danny because "you really shouldn't change for a man."

Surprisingly, Zander claims to not yet be nervous about the upcoming performance. Caroline, though, is a little nervous because she has never been on stage for this type of performance before, though she does play flute in the Carlisle Middle School Senior Band and sings first soprano in the Carlisle Middle School Choir. She, however, feels very excited about the play as well. "I'm excited because it will be very enjoyable to be on stage. I've never given a performance before and it will be a lot of fun. I saw [Grease] in Westford, and it looked like [the actors] were having a great time." With all this excitement comes lots of work. Caroline says that she is always tired and always has something to do. Zander, however, feels differently, "So far it has not been too hard, but I think it will get harder as the play progresses."

The greasers extol the virtues of the souped-up car Greased Lightning. Pictured are (left to right): Ian Bloomfield, Alex Daniels, Zander Ansara, Kevin Clarke and Thornton Ritz. (Photo by Chris Daniels)

Caroline's favorite scene is the last one of the play, when Sandy changes from little "Sandra Dee" to a girl who would make even the toughest Pink Lady jealous. Though she doesn't believe

in changing for a man, Caroline likes this scene because, as she puts it, "This is the only scene where I actually have to act. I get to kick Zander in the chest!" Zander enjoys fooling around offstage. Caroline enjoys the rehearsals, as she likes being around her friends and the people that she knows from school. I believe that we all feel these are the things that make the seventh-grade play an enjoyable and memorable experience — for all of its participants.

Ed. note: Chloe Vilain will be doing her part in the play as an angel and a member of the Rydell High Alumni Choir. She enjoys drawing, reading, and playing trumpet in her free time.

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