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Friday, April 8, 2005


CCHS students place 2nd at Science Olympiad

The Massachusetts Science Olympiad held its first season of competition in 1982. The first team to represent our state at the national tournament came from Concord-Carlisle High School and judging by this year's performance, our school will be represented more frequently in the near future.

Science Olympiad is a competitive science team participating in both regional, state and national level meets throughout every school year. The areas of science are represented in several different events, each unique in their subject matter and format. There are purely academic events in which written tests examine the students' ability to react to questions, data, images and charts provided by the event organizers. There are several lab events in which the participants are required to complete a laboratory task in order solve a problem. These events deal with both mastery of the material and the ability to interpret results. The last classification is the engineering. These events require the students to construct devices with specific regulations in order to accomplish a variety of tasks. Some simple examples include bottle rocket, robot and trebuchet.

Regional meets are a way to prepare for states. The top finisher at States advances to Nationals. After months of preparation the Concord-Carlisle team, which has suffered a drought of top three finishes over the last 14 years, succeeded beyond all expectations. Led by their four senior captains, all residents of Carlisle, Ravi Ramanathan, Cherag Kapadia, Michael Hutson and Eva Jellison, the team achieved a second-place finish in the 2005 State Meet held at Framingham State College, March 19.

Under the wonderful leadership and incomparable drive of new coach, C-C teacher Dr. Michael Vela, the students began preparing in September for the big meet. They used resources provided by the dedicated teachers of the C-C science department, who sacrificed many hours a week after school aiding the team in its conquest.

The day of the meet the Carlisle students shone. The top six finishes are awarded medals and ribbons. Three students walked away with individual gold medals — Michael Hutson, Eva Jellison and Ravi Ramanathan. Leigh Davis received a silver, Brittany Fay received a bronze and Zander Pease a fourth. Zander Pease, Christine Shaver and Jeffery Pan received a fifth and Brittany Fay and Emily Yu individual sixths.

Altogether it was an amazing season, which picked up a few more achievements for the non-seniors' college applications. The team would like to dedicate the victory to our teammate and friend Kapadia Cherag for all of the inspiration he provided and hard work he demonstrated this year.

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