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Friday, April 8, 2005


Sketches of Carlisle Antiques

Local shoppers and commuters stop in to browse at Carlisle Antiques. The big yellow barn on Bedford Road is full of wooden furniture and housewares with a past.

If an antique is anything more than 100 years old, the 1870 barn itself is a proud specimen. Rather than let its timbers be torn down to make way for the next new thing, it has remade itself as a rustic background for furnishings with the charm of another time.

Those with a talent for it can see potential in the array of castoffs in the dusty barn. A new frame for a picture or a different shade for a lamp is sometimes all it takes. A project on the Martha Stewart show once brought a wave of people searching for a door to make into a bed headboard.

While some shop for the unusual, others want a bargain. Older furniture may be better made and cost less than a brand-new piece. A treasure or a bargain, Yankee ingenuity or recycling, finding new use for something old — it's a "good thing." Martha would surely agree.

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