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Friday, April 1, 2005


Historical Commission seeks color harmony in ATM sign

The Historical Commission was seeing red at their meeting on March 22 — red paint chips that might be more suitable for the Bank of America sign in the town center. The present sign is "too bright" and its reds and blues, say Commission members, are "not harmonious" with the softer blue in the neighboring Coldwell Banker sign.

Joe Reis of Batten Brothers Sign Advertising appeared at the meeting as the Bank of America's representative. He had previously presented the bank's signage plans to the Commission on October 26, 2004. At that time, members approved the size of the sign and its lettering, but the exact colors required further definition.

In early December the current sign — which depicts the Bank of America's flag logo in red, white and blue — was installed before the colors were approved by the Historical Commission. At its February meeting, the Commission declared that the Bank of America was in violation and could face daily fines. This brought Reis to last week's meeting.

"Bank of America wants to be a good neighbor," Reis asserted, while insisting that the bank "cannot and will not change their red color." But after a brief discussion, Reis conceded that the bank, or at least its signage company, actually could do so. He then produced several samples of toned-down shades of red that might be considered more harmonious with the existing Coldwell Banker sign.

Having made progress with the color red, the Commission then turned to the color blue, contending that it too was overly bright when compared with the Coldwell Banker sign and suggesting a "more harmonious" blue. Before any decisions could be reached on exact colors, the Commission asked for more information. It was agreed that Reis would appear at the next meeting on April 26, bringing with him the exact color of the Coldwell Banker sign, a picture of the entire building, and a mock-up of the bank's sign with proposed new colors.

After the Commission successfully played David to the bank's Goliath, they then took issue with the brightness of the red enclosure around the ATM, which is visible from the road. The Commission requested that this structure, called a "surround," be repainted the same red as the new, toned-down color in the sign. This too will be addressed by Reis at the next meeting when it is expected that harmony will be restored to the center.

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