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Friday, April 1, 2005

Come to Benfield Planning Day on April 9

To the Editors:

The Benfield Task Force invites you to the second community planning day on Saturday, April 9th in Town Hall from 9 a.m. to noon. We will review the two site options for the affordable housing and ball field, cost estimates, projected traffic patterns, and other historic issues that might impact the site.

As you know the Benfield Task Force has been meeting almost weekly since the summer 2004. Feedback from the community over the past year has been very valuable and will help shape the final recommendations to town meeting this May. Please join us on Saturday and give us your thoughts.

John Ballantine
Fiske Street
Board of Selectmen,
and Benfield Task Force

Susan Evans withdraws from race for Selectman

To the Editor:

It is with great regret that I write this letter informing you that I am conceding from the upcoming Selectmen's race. This decision is based on the fact that my husband's recent promotion translates into an increase in travel. I still have a relatively young child at home who needs me to be there for her in the evenings. My family must be my first priority.

I sincerely appreciate the encouragement and support I received from those of you who convinced me to run for Selectman. My time will come in the future, once my nest is empty.

Susan Evans
Heald Road

Francene Amari-Faulkner will not run for Selectman

Dear Editor:

I wish to thank those who nominated me for Selectman at the recent town caucus. I am grateful for the support and encouragement people continue to give me. However, currently, I do not have the time to devote to being Selectman that the job requires. I hope to serve Carlisle at a later time when my responsibilities to my family wane.

Francene Amari-Faulkner
Bedford Road

Is U.S. immigration policy too harsh?
PROTESTING INCARCERATION OF GUATEMALAN COUPLE. A group of 20 letter writers gathered at the Nosowitz home on Maple Street to write letters in support of the Guatemalan couple. (Left to right) are Helen Lyons, Christine Lyons, Amy Nosowitz, Marguerite Shaw and Donna Carter. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

To the Editor:

Two dear Guatemalan friends of mine were "detained" on March 11. Police came to their door at 6 a.m. and took them off to prison (in this case Suffolk County House of Corrections). They were not allowed visitors for a week. They have no opportunity to get their affairs in order, bail cannot be posted, and though my family has offered to assume custody, pay their fare back to Guatemala, nothing can be done.

I visited Salvador on Friday and he wants to leave this country as soon as possible. He says they are treated worse than animals and he does not understand, since he has committed no crime other than wanting to become a resident of this country. He does not know when he will be deported or if his wife will be deported with him. He is not allowed to speak to or visit his wife. She has been sick, depressed and frightened. A friend who visited her yesterday said she does not look well and has been "bleeding" for two weeks which the prison medic says "is normal."

Salvador and Sara have lived in this country approximately 14 years. Salvador is legally employed (has a green card) and was working at a bread company before he was "detained." Sara has worked for me and my sister and cousins for years. I have never met more kind, hardworking, or gentle people. These are the people we turn away? Both have ample reason to have received political asylum. A further irony is, had they not wanted to become legal residents, they could have stayed. As Salvador asked me in jail, "Do you remember how three months ago I told you how much I love this country?"

Sara and Salvador have given up hope of staying here, but deserve to be treated like human beings- allowed to get their affairs in order, say goodbye to their loved ones. Leave without fear.

When did "detainee" become another word for prisoner? As a country of immigrants, we should show the world how we are better in our treatment of humanity. Maybe even aspire to be the country Sara and Salvador one time saw.

For more information please see article "Holding the Immigration System Accountable," www.

D'Anne Nosowitz
Maple Street

Tsuanmi fundraiser has T-shirts

To the Editor,

As you may know we had a very successful Tsunami T-shirt fundraiser recently. The custom ordered shirts will be in very soon and we will distribute them to our friends at school. We over-ordered the teachers shirts and currently have 10 large and 1 X-large shirt left over. We would love to add the sale of these shirts, $20 each, to our total donatation to "Save The Children Fund". If you would like one last chance to buy a wave T-shirt please contact us at 1-978-369-1196 and we will deliver your shirt this weekend! Thank you for helping us make this such a success. We know this will make a huge difference.

Brooke and Alexander Cragan
Rutland Street

Trash Party Help Needed

To the Editor,

The Mosquito Trash Party is scheduled for Saturday, April 9 from 9 a.m. till noon. All participants are invited to stop by the Mosquito booth next to Ferns for refreshments and trash bags to fill.

Once full, bags may be left on the raodside to be picked up by volunteers with pickup trucks and delivered to the transfer station. We need trucks and drivers from noon till 1 p.m. to man this effort. High school students in need of community service hours are welcome to ride with the trucks to be bag collectors.

Please call Lynne Carpenito at 1-978-371-7508 if you have truck and will travel from noon till 1p.m., April 9. Thanks!

Lynne Carpenito
South Street

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