Friday, April 1, 2005

The Haley and Steele art gallery at One River Road is no longer open for business. (Photo by Rik Pierce)
Haley and Steele has been a respected name in the region's art world for a century, but both the main gallery on Newbury Street in Boston and the new gallery located at One River Road in Carlisle have closed suddenly. The circumstances precipitating the closures are unclear, and are being investigated by Boston police and by William Galvin, Secretary of the ...more

Disney Enterprises is considering the Great Brook Farm State Park property as the site for a revolutionary theme park. A Disney executive, speaking off-record, said Disney has been thinking about a New England theme park for at least five years. "It has everything," he said, "even Native American religious sites." As planned, the park will ...more

The Carlisle School administration has notified next year's seventh- and eighth-grade parents that, starting in September, students who do not take the school bus to school, but are driven to school, dropped off at the Highland Building, and picked up later in the day, will pay $1 per drop-off or pick-up at a toll booth to be located on the site. ...more

In an example of Yankee ingenuity and thrift, the Carlisle Recreation Commission (RecCom) has found a novel way to provide a year-round swim facility for the use of Carlisle residents and employees. At their meeting on February 30, the commission described plans to use monies already collected in program fees to retrofit the basement of Town Hall for small-group ...more

Mark your calendars for the morning of Saturday April 9 from 9 a.m. to noon. The Benfield Task Force will be hosting a Community Planning Day to present the results of their work over the past year on affordable housing and active recreation on Benfield Parcel A on South Street, and to get feedback from the town's citizenry. ...more

After months, or more accurately years, of legal jockeying, it appeared that one hearing on the subject of cell towers might conclude without incident. The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) had listened with equanimity to AT&T engineer Gregg Nawrotzki's March 24 description of his firm's plan to proceed with cell tower site work on the Anderegg ...more

At their last meeting the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) voted 2 to 1 to adopt new regulations requiring all felines over 6 months of age to be licensed or face a $200 fine. The procedure will go into effect on June 31, and will be the same as that currently used for dogs. Cat owners will show proof of current rabies vaccination to the Town Clerk who will ...more

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