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Friday, April 1, 2005


RecCom opens indoor pool in May

In an example of Yankee ingenuity and thrift, the Carlisle Recreation Commission (RecCom) has found a novel way to provide a year-round swim facility for the use of Carlisle residents and employees. At their meeting on February 30, the commission described plans to use monies already collected in program fees to retrofit the basement of Town Hall for small-group swim lessons.

Due to humidity control issues, the basement was never used for a storage vault as had been originally planned when the building was constructed in 1997, and the space has remained largely unused. The cost for the 65' x 50' rubberized aquatics area, filtration and pumping equipment will be approximately $37,000. Another $8,000 is earmarked for improved lighting and ventilation. Six structural columns in the pool area are to be encased and padded. "It's a small pool, but the price is right," said Ariel Silky, the RecCom indoor swim program coordinator.

When asked how the community Swim and Fitness Center, currently under construction on the Concord-Carlisle High School campus would affect the demand for a pool in the Town Hall basement, Silky responded, "This is a low-cost solution to meet an immediate need, and lesson fees are expected to recoup the costs within a year. Once the larger facility in Concord is up and running, we will re-evaluate the program. But personally, I believe there will be continued demand for a local facility." The Clark Room on the first floor of Town Hall is already used weekdays for exercise classes.

Since this is the off-season for pool construction, the contractor, Soakim Pools, Inc., was able to begin the project immediately. According to Silky, work is expected to be completed by April 31. Brochures announcing the indoor swim classes will be mailed to residents during April.

The RecCom is also planning an opening celebration for the pool early in May. Silky said plans include children's races, pie-eating contests, free swimming, a musical program by a group called Diving Divas of Danvers, ending with a yodeling exhibition by the lead Diva, April Fools Day.


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