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Friday, April 1, 2005


New cat licensing approved by BOH

(Photo by Midge Eliassen)
At their last meeting the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) voted 2 to 1 to adopt new regulations requiring all felines over 6 months of age to be licensed or face a $200 fine. The procedure will go into effect on June 31, and will be the same as that currently used for dogs. Cat owners will show proof of current rabies vaccination to the Town Clerk who will issue a license good for one year.

The dissenting board member voiced objection to a regulation that could not be enforced for all the feral cats in town. However, after the vote, the board discussed the issue further, and came up with a plan to license the feral cats: one year after the licensing requirment goes into effect for pets, the Board of Health will have the Animal Inspector take digital photographs of all stray, unlicensed cats in town. These pictures will be stored in a database, and residents who own the land on which the cats are seen will be charged the licensing fee. Image processing software will compare new images with those already stored, so that only one resident is charged for each cat.

The BOH will send a flier to homeowners describing the new cat licensing requirement. The expected mailing date is April Fools Day.

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