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Friday, March 25, 2005


CCHS receives grant for Chinese language program

A grant in the amount of $5,006 from the Concord Education Fund (CEF) is helping the Chinese Language Program at the Concord-Carlisle High School.

CCHS Chinese language teacher Hai Ming Wu plans to use the CEF grant money for "creative extensions" in the classroom, such as audio tapes, DVDs, reference books, writing supplies, practice materials, and computer software. These new educational supplies will be used at different levels of study to enhance the existing Chinese curriculum.

An example of the CEF grant at work in the classroom is the special writing brushes, ink, and rice paper Ms. Wu purchased to help students learn Chinese writing. "Chinese writing is an artistic expression. The characters must be understood not only as a symbol, but also in a historical, cultural, and philosophical context." Strengthening the visual connection helps students better memorize the Chinese characters since "the direction and weight of each brush stroke makes a difference in the construction of a symbol."

CCHS began offering Chinese in 1999. Approximately 65 students are enrolled this year.

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