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Friday, March 18, 2005


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AUCTION ITEM. Lonnie Harvey guided students from Amy Sutherland's second-grade class in making a floor cloth which will be in the CSA / CEF auction on Saturday night, March 19. Colorful flags and figures say hello in many languages on this non-skid-backed floor cloth, protected by many coats of flexible polyurethane. Harvey will demonstrate printmaking in her studio on April 3 at the annual Highland Studios spring open house. Pictured from left to right are: Spencer Ridick, Lonnie Harvey, Ellie Blue, Ellen Askey, Katelin Bishop, Julia Fritz-Endres, Matthew Shenton, and Amy Sutherland. (Photo by Phyllis Hughes)

DESTINATION IMAGINATION. The Carlisle team of sixth graders took third place in the Destination Imagination competition on Sunday. Shown (left to right) are: Robert Drinkwater, Tommy Veitch, Jonathan Mayer, Tim Lamere, Ben Parra and Curran Wilmot. (Courtesy photo)


BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Daffodils are actually coming up in Carlisle. This host of soon-to-be-golden daffodils enjoys a sunny day on Bedford Road. (Photo by Susan Goodall)

DRESSED FOR THE WEATHER. Carlisle's Lady Liberty dons a snowy hat and scarf last Sunday after yet another March snow storm. (Courtesy photo)

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