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Friday, March 18, 2005


Caucus fields four candidates for two Selectman positions

A well-attended town caucus on Monday evening found candidates for all 14 open town offices and set up contested races for two Selectman positions as well as one seat on the Board of Health and one on the Housing Authority.

Forty-four registered citizens, and one unregistered resident, crowded into the Clark Room at Town Hall. Town Clerk Charlene Hinton opened the proceedings by asking for nominations for a moderator and clerk for the caucus. Wayne Davis and Cindy Craft were elected unanimously to the respective positions.

The slate of candidates nominated by the caucus is shown in the table on page 5. By law, the caucus may nominate two candidates for each position. If mor
John Williams (photo by Mike Quayle)
e than two names are placed in nomination, a run-off vote at the caucus is required and the top two vote-getters win places on the ballot.

Former Town Moderator Sarah Brophy nominated incumbent Tom Raftery to another one-year term as Town Moderator.

Run-off vote for Selectman

Susan Evans (Photo by Mike Quayle)

The excitement picked up as five names were placed in nomination for two Selectman positions, including Bill Tice, Francene Amari-Faulkner, Susan Evans, Alan Carpenito and John Williams.

Prior to the run-off vote, nominees were invited to introduce themselves briefly. Susan Evans, of 299 Heald Road, mentioned her work as the Outreach Coordinator on the Council on Aging. Alan Carpenito, of 493 South Street, currently a member of the Benfield Task Force which is planning the development on the town-owned Benfield Land, said, "I have a hands-on approach to town government and would like to bring that to [the Board of Selectmen]." John Williams, of 104 Hart Farm Road, a two-year resident of Carlisle, mentioned his active involvement in Lincoln (Mass.) town government, especially with respect to environmental issues. Francene Amari-Faulkner, of 43 Bedford Road, was not present but was introduced by Cindy Nock as an active town citizen who had worked at Town

Bill Tice (File photo)

Hall for several years. Bill Tice, of 38 Audubon Lane, also absent, was represented by Doug Stevenson who spoke about his past service as a member of the Carlisle Planning Board.

A hand vote, where each person was permitted to vote for two candidates, resulted in the following: Evans 28 votes, Tice 19, Carpenito 12, Williams 11, Amari-Faulkner 5. Amari-Faulkner was thus dropped from the slate of candidates.

Perhaps absent-mindedly, the unregistered Carlisle citizen put up her hand to vote on the Selectman nominees. Sharp-eyed Assistant Town Clerk Irene Blake immediately pointed at her and said, "You can't vote!"

Other contested races

Alan Carpenito (Photo by Mike Quayle)

There were three openings on the Board of Health , as the board expands its membership from three to five. Cari Doucette,100 Ember Lane, was un-opposed for a one-year position; Mark Struss, 623 School Street was unopposed for a three year position. Two candidates were nominated for a two-year seat, Bill Risso, 155 Wolf Rock Road, and Larry Bearfield, 1127 North Road.

Two candidates will oppose each other for a three-year position on the Carlisle Housing Authority, Eugenia Harris, 491 South Street, and Susan Stamps, 273 Cross Street.

All remaining nominees will run unopposed, unless petition candidates file for a spot on the ballot by next Monday. These include a number of incumbents who are running for re-election, including: Assessor Charles Ferraro, 43 Spencer Brook Lane, Housing Authority member Steve Pearlman, 377 Baldwin Road, and School Committee members Nicole Burkel, 526 School Street, and Michael Fitzgerald, 508 Autumn Lane.

Two candidates with Planning Board experience were nominated to two three-year positions on the board, including current member Kent Gonzales, 58 Wolf Rock Road, and Past member Michael Epstein, 57 Spencer Brook Lane.

Running for office

If you wish to run for office and were not nominated at the caucus you can still place your name on the ballot by filling out a "Town Nomination Paper," available at the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall, and obtaining 20 signatures. Only signatures of voters registered in the Town of Carlisle will be counted. Nomination papers must be filed with the Town Clerk by 5 p.m. on Monday, March 21.

You may also get elected by organizing write-in campaign at the town election. Four years ago Jack Bromley was elected to the Housing Authority on three write-in votes. The town election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7.

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