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Friday, March 18, 2005


Beth Winn named new COA director

COA Director Beth Winn (Photo by Susan Goodall)

The Carlisle Council on Aging (COA) has a new director, Beth Winn of Concord. She comes to Carlisle from the position of Co-Executive Director for the Concord Alternative Residence, known as Belknap House. There she managed the day-to-day operations, the bookkeeping, meals and staffing for the House, as well as planning activities and transportation services for the residents. Belknap House has recently closed, and Winn worked closely with the residents and their families finding alternative services and housing. While working at Belknap House, she discovered a missing piece in her life: as the youngest in her family, she had grown up with no grandparents. She felt a real connection to the senior population and found the experience very rewarding.

Winn, her husband and two children had lived on Nantucket and four years ago moved to Concord. She has set up her own home-based business and administrative service doing payroll, spreadsheets and budgets for clients. While on Nantucket she was business manager of a real estate company. In 1994 She graduated cum laude from Suffolk University with a B.S. in Communications and Public Relations.

No stranger to Carlisle

Winn looks forward to working in and getting to know the Carlisle community. No stranger to Carlisle, her father had spent summers here with the Barrons, Jim and Celia, of Westford Street. Celia was her father's sister. Winn continues to treasure a stuffed calico cat her Aunt Celia had made and given to her when she was about seven. Long-time residents of Carlisle will remember that no Town Meeting was complete without Jim Barron, our plumbing Inspector, piping up with a pungent comment. There is also a family story that St. Irene Church is named after another one of Winn's aunts.

When asked if she had anything special in mind for Carlisle, Winn responded that it is her goal to learn first, not only to get to know individuals but also to understand the needs and desires of the community. She hopes to network and share information with Councils on Agingin other towns and looks forward to pooling ideas about programs. "It is important that there be a mixture of programs, something for everyone: educational, cultural, health-related and social," says Winn.

In her cover letter in the application for the Carlisle COA position she states, "I would love the challenge of being involved with such an important branch of our local community."

Beth Winn, welcome to Carlisle.

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