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Friday, March 4, 2005


The Carlisle School is dramatically overcrowded and at times the buildings seem like a "1988 Hyundai," Superintendent Marie Doyle told town boards gathered to hear about the school's space needs. ...more

If you were away the weekend before school vacation week, you probably missed all four performances of the bicentennial play. It could have been videotaped for airing on Comcast's Channel 8, if Carlisle had the equipment and trained personnel to record the play. ...more

Debby Jancek called the Boston Globe when she started missing her morning papers early in January. By the beginning of February she decided it was larceny, not a missed delivery, and called the Carlisle Police. She got some action. On Friday, February 11, a Concord resident was caught in flagrante delicto, as they say, with a newspaper taken from the ...more

The annual town caucus, at which candidates are nominated to run for vacancies on elected town boards and committees, will be held on Monday, March 14 at 7 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall. This year, 14 positions will need to be filled, as shown in the table on page 4. ...more

Most of us think of the Board of Health (BOH) as the permitters of septic plans and inspectors of wells, with occasional forays into manure regulations. In fact, these are three of their traditional functions: important functions in a town like ours. However, the Carlisle BOH has taken on new tasks in recent years, and has, in fact, more authority by statute ...more

The flock of sheep that has delighted Carlisle residents and passersby for the last four years will not be grazing on Towle Field this spring, according to Art Milliken of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF), which has sponsored the grazing project. ...more

What's more important, the school or the DPW? More hours for the library or more hours for the Town Clerk? Prioritization was the challenge as the Finance Committee met on February 14 and February 28 to look at the $475,000 in FY06 requests submitted by various departments over and above their guideline budgets. Armed with additional information that increased ...more

With an air of inevitability, the Board of Appeals closed the hearing on the proposed 40B development off Maple Street on the Carlisle-Billerica line ("Carlisle Woods") in order to buy the developer's agreement to extend the deadline on this application by another two weeks. ...more

In a letter dated February 23, the Planning Board expressed "significant, perhaps insurmountable, safety concerns regarding [the Carlisle Woods 40B] application." At issue is the grade of the access road, currently a small driveway which runs through Billerica land and empties into Maple Street (Treble Cove Road in Billerica). At one point the developer ...more

The Feasibility Study Committee walked through Concord-Carlisle High School evaluating the current condition of the building, noting that every large space has limitations and deficiencies. The science classrooms, seemingly untouched for 40 years, are lacking safety features and other facilities which constrains what experiments can be done; there is not a ...more

Four conservation commissioners voted to deny a Notice of Intent to build a house, deck, drywell, retaining wall, and grading, with 22,000 square feet of work within the 100-foot wetland buffer zone on Lot 3 of Koning Farm Road, because of a lack of sufficient information presented by applicant Lemonias Development, Inc. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) gave its blessing to the latest modifications in plans for the wastewater treatment system designed to serve the Carlisle Public Schools and meet the requirements for an expanding classroom population. The School Building Committee had requested the changes in an effort to reduce the high cost of the original ...more

· Heald House barn repairs. While town boards and departments grapple with threatened budget cuts, Sarah Brophy of the Carlisle Historical Society had a pleasant assignment from the Community Preservation Committee (CPC): return to the Historical Commission with a higher request. Brophy had originally requested $10,000 from the Community Preservation ...more

7:30 Agricultural License agreements ...more

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