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Friday, March 4, 2005


Koning Farm Road proposal denied

Four conservation commissioners voted to deny a Notice of Intent to build a house, deck, drywell, retaining wall, and grading, with 22,000 square feet of work within the 100-foot wetland buffer zone on Lot 3 of Koning Farm Road, because of a lack of sufficient information presented by applicant Lemonias Development, Inc.

At an initial hearing on January 25, Lemonias had been asked to "return with a more acceptable alternative proposal." He reappeared on February 10, with some requested changes, but refused to comply with a request for a peer review by a wetlands expert, although this is standard procedure when ConsCom requires more information. (See Mosquito, 2/18/05, ConsCom, "Developer at impasse over buffer zone.")

Lemonias was not at the meeting on February 24, but his presence was not required. He has the right to appeal the commission's denial to the Department of Environmental Protection, but it is not known whether he intends to use that option.

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