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Friday, March 4, 2005


Planning Board advises on Maple Street 40B

In a letter dated February 23, the Planning Board expressed "significant, perhaps insurmountable, safety concerns regarding [the Carlisle Woods 40B] application." At issue is the grade of the access road, currently a small driveway which runs through Billerica land and empties into Maple Street (Treble Cove Road in Billerica). At one point the developer had stated that he does not have the right to modify the grade of the access road.

The letter recommends that the Board of Appeals require the following:

1 .The provision of adequate drainage to control water sheeting and icing on the access road and onto Maple Street/Treble Cove Road.

2. The reduction of the slope of the access road to no more than a 5% grade for at least 75 feet from its junction with Maple Street/Treble Cove Road.

3. The provision of an adequate landing of no more than a 2% grade for a minimum of 50 feet from the junction of Maple Street/Treble Cove Road.

If the developer does not have the right to make these modifications, then the Planning Board advises the BOA to deny the application.

In addition, should the BOA choose to approve the application, the Planning Board recommends the following conditions be attached:

1. That the wastewater treatment system to be utilized be specified.

2. That all references to Carlisle Road as a "fire lane" be deleted from the conditions, as it is a private road and would be subject to additional improvements if it were designated as a fire lane.

3. That the applicant provide a detailed maintenance agreement for Carlisle Road.

4. That the applicant meet the requirements of the State's Scenic Roads Act regarding any proposed alterations to stone walls and trees along Maple Street.

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