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Friday, March 4, 2005


Review: Concord Chorus pure gold

Carlisle musicians contributed substantially to the Concord Chorus performance last Sunday afternoon, February 27. It was pure gold as Mary Lynn Bohn's trumpet sizzled in works by Campra, Gabrielli and an astounding Solemn Entry of the Knights of St. John. The combination of chorus, three trumpets, trombones, kettle drums and one tuba was marvelous. The chorus easily matched the brass in clarity and dynamic facility. Our own Tammy Foote, Sally House, Gertrud Behn, Cynthia Sorn and Jack Campbell sang a fascinating collection of pieces about joy featuring Ralph Vaughan Williams' Festival Te Deum. A very responsive audience and warm light through colored glass windows facing west combined with an expert performance and concluding refreshments. Conductor Ryan Turner has molded this chorus to a professionalism heretofore unachieved. His thorough musicianship and skills in communicating vocal techniques make this the place to learn real choral singing. As ever, basses and especially tenors are urgently desired to add to the group. Leave a message at 1-978-579-8984 if you have a voice in this range and would like to participate in choral adventures.

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