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Friday, February 18, 2005


Two hundred years old? "I thought Carlisle was much older," we can hear some of you saying. ...more

Valentine's Day is over and local residents showed no love for Marc O'Hagan and his 40B cookie cutter condo complex on Concord Street. Townspeople flocked to the February 15 Board of Selectmen meeting at the Town Hall to voice their displeasure as O'Hagan and Bruce Wheeler of Habitech Development LLC presented the ...more

Each January and February, Carlisleans see the snow piled outside their windows and dream about their spring gardens. Just as dependable a mid-winter ritual are the Finance Committee hearings, where the FinCom looks at its "guideline budget" and the schools and the town boards dream about "growth" for the next fiscal year. ...more

Members of the Carlisle Democratic Town Committee, who were refused permission to enter a float in last year's Old Home Day (OHD) parade, decided to try again this year, this time with hopes of receiving the Board of Selectmen's blessing. Susan Stamps, chair of the Democratic Town Committee (DTC), made the argument that the DTC is very much a part of the fabric ...more

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is notorious for increasing fees in order to keep from raising taxes. Going one step further, the Town of Carlisle is annually increasing taxes and also raising fees. Town officials lined up to request higher fees at the Board of Selectmen meeting on February 8, and the Selectmen readily complied. ...more

Cash flow woe. It is cash flow crunch time again for the Town of Carlisle and Treasurer Larry Barton appeared before the Selectmen to ask for $995,000 in relief. "I'll need to borrow another $1 million after that," added Barton. This should be the last time that such a request is necessary before the town goes to quarterly billing on ...more

Town Clerk Charlene Hinton explained to the Selectmen, on February 8, that she is currently working 35 hours a week and only getting paid for 20. ...more

While others celebrated Valentine's Day, romance took a back seat for the FinCom members and representatives of Concord-Carlisle High School as they met to review FY06 budgets. There was good news and bad news on the budget front: while the process of agreeing with Concord on a budget for the high school could be less painful this year than last, Carlisle ...more

It took more than three years and some hot confrontations between the Board of Health (BOH) and animal owners to revise Carlisle's manure management regulations, but now it all smells like roses. ...more

The second installment of a continued public hearing on February 10 failed to bring agreement between the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) and developer Peter Lemonias. Following a rather confrontational session on January 25, Lemonias and Stamski and McNary engineer Tim McGivern had been asked to return with "a more acceptable alternative proposal" ...more

A recent news report in the Concord Journal detailed the events of a Concord family who awoke at 2 a.m. one Saturday just as flames and clouds of smoke began swirling inside their kitchen while they slept on the second floor. According to the report the mother woke up on "motherly instincts" and immediately began screaming for her husband and seven ...more


The Beacon, February 10

Attempts to take Community Preservation money ruffles feathers ...more

The Carlisle Bicentennial will kick off for the community on Friday, February 18, at 7 p.m. in the Corey Auditorium of the Carlisle Public School with opening night of Under the Chestnut Tree: A Chronicle of Carlisle, Massachusetts. The original play covers the town's history dating back to 1605 with special attention to the town's founding in 1805 ...more

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