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Friday, February 18, 2005


To be a Carlisle homeowner these days is to live with market uncertainty. Will home investments be worth tomorrow what they are today? With news of jobs moving out of state, record-high home prices, and upward pressure on interest rates, is the bubble about to burst? Or will prices go even higher? ...more

Annie Halvorsen recently sold a house on Westford Street and moved to a smaller home in town. She credits market timing, a $40,000 spruce up, and a take-control real estate agent with helping sell her $1,325,000 home in only five days. ...more

The Jets and the Sharks will be ready to rumble when talented students bring West Side Story, a modern version of the classic Romeo and Juliet tale, to the Concord-Carlisle High School stage from March 4 to 13. ...more

"I find myself inspecting little granules as it were on the bark of trees — little shields or apothecia springing from a thallus — such is the mood of my mind — and I call it studying lichens." Henry David Thoreau ...more

What ever happened to good old fashioned common sense? Recently, two college students were killed while walking on the railroad tracks, in a freight yard, in the middle of the night. Now all the talk is about fixing the holes in the fence. Just what do you expect to be coming down the tracks, if not the train? ...more

Kenneth Radnofsky, a world-renowned classical saxophone performer and teacher has agreed to be this year's artist-in-residence at the Carlisle Public School from March 1-3. Radnofsky has appeared as soloist with orchestras throughout the world, including the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Taipei and Taiwan Symphonies, New World Symphony, BBC Orchestra, Oregon ...more

John Hodgen, Jean Keskulla, George Stalker, and Sue Ellen Kuzma will read poems on the theme "Beasts Seen and Unseen" at the Gleason Library on Thursday, Feburary 24 at 6:45 p.m. The four poets will read from their own work as well as the work of Billy Collins, Linda Hogan, James Dickey, and many others. The program, sponsored by the Carlisle Cultural ...more

Some mornings the yelping and barking of many dogs can be heard at Foss Farm. It's not the house pets that usually exercise there, or wild coyotes calling to others in their pack. It's the true working dogs in town, the sled dogs. ...more

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