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Friday, February 18, 2005


Shorts from the Selectmen, Feb. 8

Cash flow woe. It is cash flow crunch time again for the Town of Carlisle and Treasurer Larry Barton appeared before the Selectmen to ask for $995,000 in relief. "I'll need to borrow another $1 million after that," added Barton. This should be the last time that such a request is necessary before the town goes to quarterly billing on July 1. Barton asked to tap the Stabilization Fund, whose current balance is $996,554, for the $995K. This is an interest-free loan for the town, but there is a cost of lost interest on the funds. Barton said he will pay back the Stabilization Fund on May 2, after taxpayers respond to the final semi-annual bill. The Selectmen voted 4-0 to authorize the fund transfer and also voted 4-0 to allow Barton to borrow an additional $1 million in the form of a Revenue Anticipation Note to get through the cash flow hurdle in March.

Appointments/resignations. The Board of Selectmen accepted the resignation of Jack Bromley from the Carlisle Housing Authority with an expression of gratitude from the community. They also accepted the resignation of Liz Jewell from the Council on Aging and Nick d'Arbeloff from the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee. D'Arbeloff will be replaced by John Keating of Forest Park Drive.

Town Caucus. The Selectmen voted to assign March 14, 2005, as the date of the Carlisle Town Caucus.

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