Carlisle Children's Center closing in June

To the Editor:

After 20 years of caring for hundreds of children in Carlisle and its surrounding towns, the Carlisle Children's Center will be closing in June 2005. I began the center in my living room in 1985 not only to care for my own children, then 15 months and three years, but to pursue my love of teaching. As the school grew, it expanded to the rest of my house and our family ended up in a downstairs apartment for four years! In 1989 (pregnant with my third child) Bob Wallhagen saved my life and sanity by adding an addition to my home and building the preschool downstairs where it is today.

Years and memories have gone by so quickly, my children are now 15, 2l, and 23. I was so fortunate to always have a loving and caring staff and wonderful children to fill my days and years. I will miss and many will remember the joy the children had in our yearly apple and pumpkin picking field trips. During the school year the children enjoyed their weekly visits by Mike Slattery ( Mike the Music Man), yoga with Linda Myers-Tierney and monthly trips to the library. The highlight for all was our annual trip to the zoo followed by a graduation party in June. Each year would end with our holiday pot luck or pizza party at Union Hall with entertainment provided by Mike the Music Man followed by our special visit from Santa.

A special thank you goes out to my recent staff, Peggy Villa, Jean Swanay, and Tracy Bauch for their years of dedication and commitment to quality childcare. Without them the Carlisle Children's Center wouldn't be where it is today.

With all good things there comes a time when you need to move on and grow to pursue other life interests. I'm excited to have recently opened a new women's fitness center in Chelmsford. The memories and friendships I have made over the past two decades will be in my heart forever. I thank you all for your years of support and trust in my caring for your children.

Gail MacLeod
Lowell Street

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Friday, February 18, 2005


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