Friday, February 18, 2005

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THEN . . . . Cameras weren't around in 1805, but the photo above was taken around 1905 by Edmund L. French.. . . . AND NOW. The same view, 100 years later. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Two hundred years old? "I thought Carlisle was much older," we can hear some of you saying. ...more

Valentine's Day is over and local residents showed no love for Marc O'Hagan and his 40B cookie cutter condo complex on Concord Street. Townspeople flocked to the February 15 Board of Selectmen meeting at the Town Hall to voice their displeasure as O'Hagan and Bruce Wheeler of Habitech Development LLC presented the ...more

Each January and February, Carlisleans see the snow piled outside their windows and dream about their spring gardens. Just as dependable a mid-winter ritual are the Finance Committee hearings, where the FinCom looks at its "guideline budget" and the schools and the town boards dream about "growth" for the next fiscal year. ...more

2005 The Carlisle Mosquito