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Friday, February 18, 2005


Common sense

What ever happened to good old fashioned common sense? Recently, two college students were killed while walking on the railroad tracks, in a freight yard, in the middle of the night. Now all the talk is about fixing the holes in the fence. Just what do you expect to be coming down the tracks, if not the train?

Do you remember the case a couple of years ago when a woman spilled hot coffee in her lap while driving her car? She sued the people who sold her the coffee and won a huge settlement. First of all, she knew the coffee was hot, common sense should tell you that the coffee is hot and that it's risky to try to drink and drive at the same time. I think you can put cell phones in that same driving category.

I never could understand those people who build in a flood zone, get flooded out time and again, and then rebuild in the same place. You would think that common sense would get through to them that this is not a good place to build. The same goes for those unfortunate people who are affected by mud slides. Hello.

People eat things that are not good for them; whose fault is that? I guess it's the restaurant's fault for forcing it down their throats. Common sense, if listened to, will tell you that if you eat all that fatty food, you're going to get fat.

We all know and have proof that smoking is bad for you; that shouldn't require a lot of common sense. I know that it's addictive, and I did smoke in my youth. I also know that we like to believe that only "other" people die from lung cancer. Many kids start smoking to look and act older. While they may rapidly "look" older from the effects of smoking, many won't get to "be" an older adult when their lungs are gone. There are even warnings on the package.

Common sense should tell you that if you travel 80 miles an hour on the snowy highway with your four wheel drive, it is going to take you longer to stop. We live in New England with ice, snow, wet leaves and winding roads. It's not sunny California; cars will slip and slide no matter how many wheels are driving.

And speaking of common sense, just how good are we at passing it on to our own family? "Too preachy", they say, "I'd rather do it my way." Hopefully, some common sense will kick in before it's too late.

My own common sense tells me that I should stop now before I annoy anybody else. I just wonder about what ever happened to sayings like, "If you play with fire, you're going to get burned," or "If you're cold, put a coat on," or "Look both ways before crossing the street." I'll get off my soapbox now before you can all say, "What's wrong with that woman?"

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