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Friday, February 18, 2005


How to sell a home in five days

Annie Halvorsen recently sold a house on Westford Street and moved to a smaller home in town. She credits market timing, a $40,000 spruce up, and a take-control real estate agent with helping sell her $1,325,000 home in only five days.

"Timing was huge," says Halvorsen. Because she was under no timetable to move, she looked to her agent for advice. "We waited until there was a space in market" in her price range. "We listed as the market was looking up." As a result, "activity was constant. We were fresh, new blood." Within five days three offers had been received and Halvorsen accepted one at her asking price.

Although the house was in very good repair, before listing it Halvorsen invested $40,000 in a facelift. "Some parts were outdated and the whole house needed to be brought to the same level." She believes this was a good investment, "It made it much more appealing."

She advises sellers to "trust your realtor." Her agent, Sue Revis of Barrett &Co., managed every facet of the sale. "She told me what to fix and what to let go" during the repair phase, and was the engineer of the successful market timing. "She was exactly who I needed. She was the key to success."

Halvorsen recently moved into a smaller home "in tip top condition" on Pine Brook Rd. and is reveling in her new-found freedom. While she loved the larger house, "it was a small business taking care of it" and with a nest about to be two-thirds empty, the new home fits her lifestyle. She wishes the buyers of her former home well, "They're a newlywed couple, so excited to own it. We took good care of the house and hope they really enjoy it."

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