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Friday, February 11, 2005


Tom Markham, Assistant Superintendent, and Nancy Weiss, Carlisle's representative to the Minuteman Regional School Committee, appeared before the Carlisle Finance Committee to defend a 35% increase in Carlisle's proposed FY06 assessment for the Minuteman Regional High School (MMRHS), Carlisle's technical high school alternative. The new assessment of $190,678 ...more

As a community, Carlisle is currently facing several important issues that will have dramatic long-term effects regarding the future development of our town. The Board of Selectmen recently met in a special session to review these issues and prioritize our attention as we attempt to respond. I thought it might be appropriate in this forum to summarize the ...more

With the goal line in sight, the Benfield Task Force plunged forward with Super Bowl fervor at their February 1 meeting to complete their site plan cost estimates and traffic analysis in time for Carlisle's Annual Town Meeting. (See story on page 5.) Then, just when victory was within their grasp, they encountered an Indian Stone defense that forced the equivalent ...more

displayed a map with an area in roughly the shape of a pentagon to encompass this "ceremonial landscape." What would he recommend with regard to this sacred area? His requests are clear and simple: (1) Any construction should not disturb the existing features as defined in the survey report; (2) Certain important sight lines should not be interrupted; ...more

It may cost the lives of a few hundred trees and require judicious use of some well-placed sticks of dynamite, but after the dust settles it turns out that locating the Benfield Parcel A playing field away from South Street and next to the affordable housing site will only add about $100K to the total cost. ...more

Representatives from Habitech Development, LLC will present their preliminary plans for a 66-unit development, on 23 acres on Concord Street, to the Carlisle Board of Selectmen next Tuesday, February 15, at Town Hall at 9:30 p.m. The proposed development will be under Chapter 40B and will include 17 affordable units. ...more

This new column provides a glimpse of issues making news in surrounding towns. The articles can be seen in full on the Web (for two weeks after the publication date.) Go to and click on the appropriate newspaper or town, then click on local news and find the headline. ...more

At the February 2 Carlisle School Committee meeting members were reminded that the language arts program at the Carlisle School is varied and extensive. Carlisle School reading specialist Donna Clapp and fellow reading specialist Susan Helenius-LaPorte, fresh from a three-day workshop on literature circles in Santa Fe, NM, were energetic as they explained ...more

DARE funds needed. Superintendent Marie Doyle reported the cost of the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program would be roughly $4,000 to $5,000. So far $2,000 has been raised through donations, and she is hoping more donations will be received. ...more

The Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) awarded the first Davida Fox-Melanson Fund for Excellence in Teaching grant to the Carlisle Middle School's language arts team. The $5,000 grant allowed Carlisle School teachers Donna Clapp, Carolyn Platt, Stephen Bober, and Marcella Pixley to attend a three-day workshop, "Literature Circles: Building Better Book ...more

Is Carlisle spending enough on planning to help manage future growth? Presenting a request to the FinCom for additional FY06 funding, the Planning Board on January 31 pointed to a lack of resources as the primary reason the town has no housing plan currently in place. Over the next months the board will be scrambling to draw up a plan so the town can respond ...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Wastewater treatment plant ...more

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