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Friday, February 11, 2005


It seemed like a great idea when we started tossing it around at a staff luncheon last summer — write about different couples in Carlisle and how they met each other. It turned out to be much harder once we put an appeal in the paper for people to contact us with their stories. We had visions of the article being a model of micro-diversity: young couples, ...more

Though a small town, Carlisle has been honored with an amazing number of histories. Sidney Bull's History of the Town of Carlisle, 1754-1920, published in 1920, was followed by Martha Fifield Wilkins' 25-volume Old Houses and Families of Carlisle, Massachusetts, presented to the Gleason Public Library in 1941. In 1970 Donald Lapham wrote Carlisle: ...more

Carlisle's Bicentennial celebration kicks off
with original play:Under the Chestnut Tree: A Chronicle of Carlisle, Massachusetts

In 1650, a man named Goodman Adams brought his bride to settle in a region that would one day bear the name of his birthplace, Carlisle, Scotland (which would later be conquered and claimed by England). The pedigreed Priscilla Ramsden Adams could trace her background back to the Mayflower and may have been less than enthusiastic about this isolated wilderness. ...more

The number of attendees at the New Year celebration last weekend reflects the growing size of the Chinese community in Carlisle, as well as an increased interest in China as a country, spearheaded by the new Carlisle Public School Superintendent Marie Doyle. The superintendent, formerly from Newton, saw her school community there grow from a few students from ...more

Next Monday is Valentine's Day and I wanted to find an appropriate nature topic. Many of the likely suspects, like the wild rose or the forget-me-not, cannot be verified this time of year. A critter that could worm its way into your heart, the heartworm, doesn't conjure up the right image. The chocolate tube slime mold has the right idea by starting out with ...more

With standing-room only, town residents streamed into the Corey Auditorium at the Carlisle Public School on Saturday afternoon, February 5. Acclaimed dancer Chiao Bin Huang, a River Road resident, led a demonstration by her kindergarten and elementary students. Huang, originally from Taiwan, has performed as a dancer around the world, including appearances ...more

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