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Friday, February 4, 2005


There was a strong sense of urgency as the Board of Selectmen invited members of the Planning Board and the Housing Authority to their January 25 meeting at the Town Hall. ...more

What is Chapter 40B?

Chapter 40B is a state statute which permits developers to build higher density housing than allowed under local zoning bylaws if at least 25% of the units have long-term affordability restrictions. Also known as the Comprehensive Permit Law, Chapter 40B was enacted in 1969 to help address the shortage of affordable housing statewide. ...more

Some Carlisle homeowners were dismayed Sunday morning to read an article in the Boston Globe Northwest ("Not Up to Speed") that ranked Carlisle dead last among northwest Boston communities in percentage of on-time responses to fires involving buildings between 1986 and 2002. On-time response was defined as "within six minutes" and the analysis ...more

Carlisle Police are actively investigating recent cases of credit card fraud and have some words of advice for Carlisle residents. In each case the first indication of fraud was a confirmation of change of address from a credit card company when the credit card holders had neither changed their addressess nor notified the company of a change. In the first ...more

The Board of Appeals is inching toward a decision on the 40B application by Massapoag Real Estate Development, still called Carlisle Woods. The eight-unit development, including two affordable housing units, located on four-plus acres off Maple Street, with an access road which lies mainly in Billerica,has been under a tight timetable. The state gave Carlisle ...more

As the Carlisle Finance Committee continues to plow through the departmental, committee and commission requests in preparation for the Fiscal Year 2006 budget, it is clear that the needs of a growing town are going to challenge the normally frugal budget guidelines. A growing middle school, a new police contract, increased hours for the Town Clerk and a two-person ...more

On Sunday, January 23, the Boston Globe reported on rising property taxes in most Massachusetts cities and towns, due to skyrocketing land prices, cuts in state aid, and increases in insurance and other town costs. ...more

A storm of criticism greeted a site development plan for Lot 3, Koning Farm Road at the Conservation Commission's January 27 meeting. The seven commissioners and a large neighborhood delegation listened as Stamski and McNary engineer Tim McGivern presented a proposal from Lemonias Development, Inc. that involved a house, deck, septic system, retaining wall ...more

Kathy Bowen, the K-12 Health Education Coordinator/Director; Art Dulong, principal of Concord-Carlisle High School and Arthur Unobskey, principal of the Concord Middle School, presented the findings of the 2004 Youth Risk Behavior Survey to the Regional School Committee on January 25. ...more

Next year students at Concord-Carlisle High School will be happy to find the opportunity to compete in two new varsity sports: indoor track for girls and boys and girls ice hockey. CCHS parents, however, may be less than happy with an increase in athletic fees from $75 to $125 per sport. ...more

Academic Awards. Carlisle's Molly Crowther, a senior at Concord-Carlisle High School, was awarded the Superintendent's Certificate of Academic Excellence. Superintendent Brenda Finn praised Molly for her strong academic standing, her leadership role in Spectrum, a club at CCHS, her participation in the Academic Bowl and her ability to make connections ...more

ATM's new look. Have you noticed the new Bank of America sign on the ATM in the town center? It's very large, very bright and according to a town center resident, it's aglow after dark. And it's not at all what the Historical Commission had approved on October 26, 2004, when a representative from the bank presented designs to the Commission. ...more

For a reality check and a different perspective, the Mosquito called Michael Bradford, Fire Chief in Upton, MA. Upton, a town with a larger land area (21.7 square miles versus Carlisle's 15.5) and a similar population/housing size (6,000 people/2,000 units versus Carlisle's 5,300 people/1,700 units). Upton had a more than 95% on-time response rate, according ...more

7:30 p.m. Town Hall

7:30 Agricultural License agreements ...more

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