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Friday, February 4, 2005


Shorts from the Regional School Committee, January 25

Academic Awards. Carlisle's Molly Crowther, a senior at Concord-Carlisle High School, was awarded the Superintendent's Certificate of Academic Excellence. Superintendent Brenda Finn praised Molly for her strong academic standing, her leadership role in Spectrum, a club at CCHS, her participation in the Academic Bowl and her ability to make connections across disciplines at such a young age. Molly plays in the Concert Band and her favorite subject is Calculus. She is considering studying Engineering and she says "I am mostly interested in everything." Molly thanked her parents for stressing excellence but not stressing her. The other recipient for this award is Karin Knudson of Concord.

Capital expenditures — Some enlightening improvements. Rick Barrett reported on progress at the high school over the last six months. The Language Lab is up and running. Teachers are still being trained and students are thrilled with the new functionality. The lower gym now has new lights and energy efficient windows. It is a vast improvement. The floor still needs to be replaced. A new synthetic floor will be installed right after graduation. The locker room needs to be reconfigured to accommodate a new team room and new lockers. Lockers will hopefully be installed this spring. Placing cameras to monitor who is going into and out of the locker rooms was discussed, as the highest incidence of theft at the high school takes place in the locker rooms.

CCHS Feasibility Study. Michael Fitzgerald, Regional School Committee member from Carlisle, and Jerry Wedge of Concord discussed their involvement in the CCHS Feasibility Study. The 2002 Study concluded that at least ten classrooms were needed, along with more space for SPED (Special Education). The large number of doors in the building made a "lock-down" scenario impossible in any timely fashion. An intercom system that works throughout the building is also needed. The new feasibility study being conducted right now will review building systems and make recommendations for renovations to the existing buildings, or a whole new school.

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