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Friday, January 28, 2005


Firm chosen to study CCHS renovation options

The CCHS Feasibility Study Committee has chosen SMMA (Symmes, Maini and McKee Associates), as the firm to conduct the study of renovating or rebuilding Concord-Carlisle High School. The study will be divided into four phases. The first phase is to review the existing conditions. The second is to come up with conceptual design alternatives. The third phase will be a final report with a design proposal, and the last phase will be to present that proposal to the communities.

Phase I, now to March, will be a fact-finding and information-gathering time. One of the first decisions will be setting population goals at CCHS for the future. Documentation on the current buildings, engineering surveys and reports will be reviewed along with inputs from Art Dulong, principal of CCHS, department heads and the administration. The study done two years ago will also be referenced.

March through June, Phase II, will be dedicated to conceptual designs for renovation only, renovation and additions, as well as partial or full building replacement. Options will be screened and refined.

In late June, Phase III, a final report with the best proposal should be received. This will include all findings, graphic exhibits with floor plans, elevations and models. Phase IV will be to present that proposal to the two towns.

SMMA representatives Joel Seeley and Phil Poinelli spoke at the meeting on Tuesday, January 18. Seeley, a principle in the firm, has been a project manager for a number of K-12 school building projects. Poinelli has been designing schools since 1971. He is part of the Lexington Building Committee. He stated, "I know schools from the owner side as well."

Poinelli asked about the community needs or wants for CCHS in terms of the auditorium size and athletic facilities. Regional School Committee member Jerry Wedge recommended community input before the design is presented.

Everyone at the meeting stressed the importance of communication, both with SMMA and the community at large. Poinelli stated that we need to "find common ground and goalsWe need to keep people informed." He did not want people to jump to conclusions. Seeley said, "We need to be clear on goals and criteria." Dulong stated, "These are communities of interested peopleThey will seek information."

Members of the committee include representatives from each town's school committees and selectmen. The purpose of this study is to decide whether the high school should be renovated, added on to, or replaced.

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