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Friday, January 28, 2005


Three-town pursuit ends in Carlisle arrest

Early last Saturday morning, as residents slept and the big snow was still on its way, a virtual parade of police cruisers plus one state cruiser joined in a pursuit that ended in an arrest in Carlisle.

At 4:45 a.m. Carlisle dispatch received a mutual aid call from Bedford police, who had tried to stop a speeding vehicle heading towards Concord on Route 62. The car did not stop, and Concord police were alerted. The car continued on 62 and turned right on Lowell Road, headed toward Carlisle with both Bedford and Concord cruisers in pursuit, "It wasn't one of those speedy pursuits," said a Bedford police officer.

Carlisle Sergeant Kevin Cardonne and Officer William Burgess tracked the situation on their scanner and contacted Bedford and Concord police directly through the department's newly acquired capacity to be on the same radio band as police in surrounding towns. Cardonne and Burgess were ready and waiting for the speeding vehicle at the town center: they placed a cruiser in the left lane and a stop bar in the right lane next to the stone wall at the end of the Green. Caught between a stone wall and a cruiser, the fleeing car had nowhere to go but over the stop bar, which Carlisle officers pulled back immediately to save the pursuing cruisers' tires.

The vehicle, now crippled with a flat tire, turned left on Westford Street, and kept going on the tire rim until the tire caught on fire and the pursuit came to a halt in the 1100 block on Westford Street. Bedford police arrested the operator, a Methuen man, on the spot. He was taken back to Bedford and charged with failing to stop for a police officer, operating under the influence of alcohol, possession of drugs, speeding, operating to endanger and crossing over marked lanes.

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