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Friday, January 28, 2005

What would happen if our wells run dry?

To the Editor:

Well water is precious to Carlisle homeowners. Those of us who have lived here during dry years understand the potential problems of adding 66 condominiums to an aquifer that supports the southern section of our town.

Remember the droughts in the late 1980s and 2001-2002? (Mosquito March 22, 2002) Forget watering lawns. We worried about taking showers, flushing toilets, and doing laundry. The intermittent stream running through the proposed Habitech Condo Development on Concord Street has often turned into a tiny trickle in dry summers.

Even now, with very deep wells, we notice a severe loss in water pressure if we sprinkle lawns for more than sixty minutes. Low water pressure can result in burned-out pumps or the need to dig new, deeper wells — a huge expense for homeowners. The bigger impact may be on the property and resale values of Carlisle if we have water issues. Would we need to fund a town water supply and distribution system?

Water conservation is a serious issue that must be studied before out- of-town developers overpopulate small land parcels in order to be "sufficiently profitable" (Mosquito January 21, 2005.) There are good reasons for two-acre zoning and protecting our natural resources is one of them.

Helen Eaton
Russell Street

Carlisle's 911 team reassuring and professional

To the Editor:

In the fall my husband had some medical emergencies very late at night. He needed to get to the hospital fast so I called 911. Each time the person who answereed was calm and reassuring, asked some questions and almost immediately a Carlisle Police car came down our driveway.

The officer gave Paul a preliminary exam and stayed with us until the entire 911 team arrived only a few minutes later.

I was impressed by the excellence of the group. They were well trained, competent professionals who also understood how frightening these incidents were for Paul and me. The kindness and thoughtfulness of these good people made a bad time easier.

With sincere thanks to all of you.

Dorothea Kress
East Riding Drive

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