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Friday, January 21, 2005


On December 9, just when I would usually be attaching a Christmas wreath to the front door, deciding when to start my Christmas baking, and puzzling over what present to give to a daughter-in-law, my husband and I were boarding a plane for a 23-hour trip (including a seven-hour layover in Frankfurt) to Asmara, Eritrea. We were on our way to spend the holidays ...more

When it comes down to it, there are only a few days to cross-country ski each winter. Between snowfall, weather conditions, and family life, often the days can be counted on one hand. Nordic skiing can also be an extremely aerobic sport. You have to feel up for it. But when the stars align — good snow, free time, and extra energy — skiing can be ...more

The following is the second installment in an occasional series on the Carlisle Police Department. This week, Officer Andy Booth, Sergeant Tom Whalen, and Lieutenant John Sullivan spoke about their backgrounds, their most interesting experiences in Carlisle, and the ways in which their careers have grown recently through participation in NEMLEC (the North ...more

Name: Sassafras albidum is the scientific name for the Sassafras tree. It is a member of the Laurel family. It is thought that Sassafras is the native American name which was adopted by early Spanish and French settlers. ...more

No one enjoys the pressure that comes with every SAT test, the fear of dead batteries in your calculator, and the horrid words, "time is up." Yet, year after year test centers acoss the globe are filled with frightened students hoping for a safe score. The SAT reasoning test is less valuable than most stressed-out teens believe, and is unjustly ...more

Dave Guarnaccia seems to be a man of contradictions. He is a mechanical engineer and a photographic artist; he is at once reserved and yet expressive and articulate; he is a photographer who doesn't like to be photographed. Under closer scrutiny, however, these apparent contradictions begin to form into a shape expressed in one of Guarnaccia's favorite words: ...more

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