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Friday, January 14, 2005


The following article is based on an interview recorded recently for the Carlisle Oral History Project, sponsored by the Mosquito and the Carlisle Historical Society. ...more

Name: The southern red-backed vole is Clethrionomys gapperi. It is also known as the boreal red-backed vole and Gapper's red-backed vole. In older texts, it might be listed as a red-backed mouse. The genus name, Clethrionomys, means some kind of dormouse. Gapperi is from the name of the zoologist, Gapper. ...more

Candlelit Union Hall was filled last Friday night when the Cambridge Society for Early Music (CSEM) presented its second Chamber Music by Candlelight concert of the season. The performers were a trio of Mexican musicians, called La Fontegara, and a Cambridge-based soprano. The program featured baroque music from the Spanish Empire in Mexico and South ...more

Ah, yes, you do remember the ubiquitous mantra many of us repeated nearly nonsensically as children: "Trick or treat.for UNICEF!" I would put a few pennies in my orange and black box before starting out on that journey of delight each Halloween, so I could jingle it when I walked. Since that brilliant educational campaign's inception in 1950, the ...more

Have you ever noticed that people have other names for everyday events? Births, deaths, marriages, slight drunkenness, or a little crazy: all seem to be avoided and substitute names or phrases are used. I think there are more colorful terms for death, or a little crazy (I don't mean true insanity) than anything else. These terms are not intended to be belittling, ...more

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