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Friday, January 14, 2005


Carlisle School reviews capital needs First, the space crunch

Map by Hal Schneider
Carlisle School Business Manager Steven Moore presented his capital project priority list to the Carlisle School Commitee (CSC) on January 5. The report, which details projected needs for the next five years, lists six campus-wide projects for FY06. Committee member Wendell Sykes, noting the purchase or rental of modular classrooms was listed as the lowest priority said, "We are not treating our children or our teachers correctly." Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle agreed, noting that classes are being held in supply rooms and some staff members have their offices in closets. "Our teachers give one hundred percent," she added. Sykes, who has studied how modular classrooms would be laid out on the school campus, said the purchase of modular units should be a first priority. "We waste money because we just look at this year's needs," he said. He suggested purchasing new units, which can be resold in the future, saving money later.

Modular classrooms

Doyle was asked how many modular classrooms would be needed to support the new sixth grade middle school plan. The current fifth grade, over 118 students, is too large for the current four-group middle school model. The new plan splits the teachers into two teaching teams of three teachers each, and splits the students into small units. Doyle said a minimum of two modular classrooms would be needed. Sykes said he has examined how two modular classrooms with additional offices would fit behind the preschool.

Reordering the priorities

After further discussion, the school committee agreed to reorder the priority list:

1. Space crunch: modular classrooms (purchase or rent modular classrooms);

2. Expansion Feasibility Study completion: finish the 2002 study on increasing the footprint of the school campus;

3. Lighting replacement and upgrade: replace old lighting fixtures with newer equipment which NStar will refund at approximately 50%;

4. Technology upgrade: update library network wiring and increase switching capacity;

5. Technology replacement cycle: replace oldest computers on a yearly cycle;

6. Tractor replacement: replace the school's 17-year-old tractor.

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