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Friday, January 14, 2005


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee Dec. 15 and Jan. 5

Tsunami fundraiser. Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle said at least three different fundraising efforts for the tsunami survivors were being explored by students and school staff. She will be meeting with the participants to encourage a school-wide effort which will also offer involvement for the Carlisle community.

Voicemail crash. Voicemail has crashed, and the hard drive has "died," explained Carlisle School Business Manager Steve Moore. It is in the process of being repaired. Committee member Michael Fitzgerald asked what the cost would be for a new system. Moore said he wasn't sure, but around $40 or $50 thousand. "Just drive a stake through our hearts," moaned Fitzgerald.

Carlisle School mentoring program. Seventh-grade language arts teacher Stephen Bober presented the "Mentor Handbook for Mentors, Guides, and Teachers New to Carlisle." "More than 25% of the teachers are in their first or second year in Carlisle," Bober explained. New teachers are assigned a mentor during their first and second years of teaching. According to the handbook, the Mentoring Program provides: "One-on-one interaction (both regularly scheduled and spontaneous), peer observations in which new teachers invite mentor/guide to observe and then discuss lessons, observation of experienced professionals by new teachers, and new teacher meetings in which they share experiences and explore specific aspects of the Carlisle experience."

Proposed FY06 Budgets. Moore led a discussion of the FY06 Carlisle School budget. The FinCom guideline remains at $7,832,850, which is an increase of $205,884 or 2.7% over the FY05 budget. "The Guideline Budget is not sufficient for operating both the elementary and middle schools as currently structured," said Doyle. In order to offer the same level of educational experience as in FY05, Doyle noted, additional increases will be needed. An additional $118,974 is needed to support the new Middle School Plan (see page 1). Further initiatives include $5,000 for professional development, $20,000 for a technology aide, $10,392 for middle school activities and $10,000 to $50,000 for the Systems Thinking program.

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