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Friday, January 7, 2005


Carlisle Christmas Bird Count records fewer species

A crisp cold morning on January 2 saw the team of Carlisle bird counters out checking the bird population for the annual Christmas Bird Count. The total species counted were 36, down from last year's record high of 47. Total individuals were 1,854 compared to last year's 2,644. The counters were somewhat mystified by the drop in the counts.

Carlisle is at the northern edge of the larger 15-mile diameter Concord Christmas Count circle. This was the 32nd consecutive year of the count in Carlisle and the 105th year in the U.S.

Highlights include two Common Redpolls, which turned up at Lyn Oleksiak's feeder. These were the only Redpolls in the entire count circle. The only owl counted in Carlisle was one Screech Owl found by D'Ann Brownrigg at the unowlish hour of 11 a.m. Two Fox Sparrows at the Emmonses' bird feeder were the first counted in Carlisle since 2001. The Red-bellied Woodpeckers count of 16 was the second highest ever, only topped by last year's 21. The Pileated Woodpecker manages to hang on in Carlisle with a count of three this year.

The most common bird this year was the Black-capped Chickadee (278), followed by Dark-eyed Junco (187) and American Goldfinch (173, down from 304 last year). A flock of 25 Cedar Waxwings was spotted by Steve Spang and Ellen Huber in the town center at the start of the count.

Observers this year were D'Ann and Tom Brownrigg, Eric Darling, Susan and Don Emmons, Jo Ann Hackett, Ken and Marilyn Harte, Ellen Huber, John Huehnergard, Lyn Oleksiak, Greg Southall and Steve Spang. There are also numerous feeder-watchers, whose observations are essential for a thorough census.

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